ALPLA and FROMM coope­rate in PET recycling

Col­la­bo­ra­tion in the German market enables com­plete recy­cling of PET plastics

Hard, 3rd July 2018 –ALPLA, the Aus­trian pack­a­ging solu­tions spe­cia­list, and FROMM (Switz­er­land) have agreed on a col­la­bo­ra­tion in rela­tion to PET recy­cling. Both com­pa­nies ope­rate recy­cling plants for PET bot­tles, thus ensu­ring the necessary supply of mate­rials for their own pro­duc­tion facilities. 

The goal of the col­la­bo­ra­tion bet­ween ALPLA and FROMM is the fur­ther opti­mi­sa­tion of the already high recy­cling rates for PET as well as a signi­fi­cant reduc­tion in CO2 emis­sions through saved trans­port. There are also fur­ther bene­fits for the part­ners, such as sim­pli­fied access to mar­kets in the respec­tive countries.

The requi­re­ments at our pro­duc­tion sites com­ple­ment one ano­ther very well. At ALPLA, we mainly need clear, food-grade pel­lets. Fromm pro­cesses coloured flakes for the strap­ping bands,’ exp­lains Georg Lässer, Head of Cor­po­rate Recy­cling Ser­vices at ALPLA. ‘The col­la­bo­ra­tion bet­ween our recy­cling faci­li­ties will ensure the necessary quan­tity and qua­lity of mate­rials for pro­duc­tion for both sides.’

The three recy­cling plants are inte­grated in various pro­cu­re­ment mar­kets and com­ple­ment one ano­ther ide­ally in the pro­cu­re­ment of raw mate­rials,’ high­lights Rein­hard Fromm, owner of the family-run FROMM Group.

Part­ners with com­ple­men­tary interests
The PET Recy­cling Team plants in Wöl­lers­dorf (Aus­tria) and Radomsko (Poland) are part of the ALPLA Group. These recy­cling faci­li­ties have an annual capa­city of appro­xi­mately 45,000 tonnes of food-grade rPET pro­duced from post-consumer materials.

The PET recy­cling com­pany Tex­plast in Wolfen (Ger­many) has been a sub­si­diary of FROMM Plastics GmbH since 2004. Tex­plast pro­duces PET pel­lets and PET flakes. FROMM uses these for its own pro­duc­tion of strap­ping bands and also sup­plies manu­fac­tu­rers of beverage bot­tles, ther­mo­forming sheets and fibres.

The con­tract part­ners have agreed not to dis­c­lose the details of the coope­ra­tion. Fur­ther pos­si­bi­li­ties to extend the coope­ra­tion are to be explored.

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About ALPLA:
ALPLA is one of the leading companies involved in plastic packaging. Around 19,300 employees worldwide produce custom-made packaging systems, bottles, closures and moulded parts at 176 sites across 45 countries. The high-quality packaging is used in a wide range of areas, including for food and drinks, cosmetics and care products, household detergents, washing and cleaning agents, engine oils and lubricants. ALPLA operates its own recycling plants: PET Recycling Team with two sites in Austria and Poland, and in the form of joint ventures in Mexico and Germany. ALPLA celebrated its 60th anniversary in 2015.

About FROMM and Texplast:
The FROMM Group is a leading global company producing load securement systems for the transportation of goods and has over 70 years of history. Over 1,200 employees develop, produce and distribute tailored packaging solutions for customers with around 40 companies across six continents. FROMM has production sites in Italy, Germany, USA, Thailand, Chile and Slovakia.

Texplast GmbH is a wholly owned subsidiary of FROMM Plastics GmbH in Kölleda. The company has almost 100 employees and, with an input capacity of over 50,000 tonnes of bottles per year, is one of the leading recyclers of rPET in Western Europe, in particular for used beverage bottles. Texplast produces flakes for applications in the plastics industry as well as pellets for the production of food packaging. FROMM specialises in strapping bands, air cushion packaging and stretch film, as well as the corresponding machinery and equipment.

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