Dyntex puts its first func­tional tex­tiles made of recy­cled car tyres on the market

Ultra­light fabrics made of post-consumer recy­cled (PCR) mate­rial con­tri­bute to sustainability

Bre­genz, 4 May 2022 – Dyntex, a deve­loper and manu­fac­turer of func­tional mate­rials based in Bre­genz, Aus­tria, offers pre­mium fabrics made from recy­cled car tyres. Using its inno­va­tive ther­mo­che­mical pro­cess, it reco­vers a poly­amide polymer from old tyres. This poly­amide polymer is made into a fine yarn and then pro­cessed to make an ultra­light, func­tional fabric. There is great inte­rest in the sus­tainable material.

Qua­lity fabrics made of old car tires: Using a new ther­mo­che­mical pro­cess, the com­pany obtains a pyro­lysis oil from shredded tires and makes a poly­amide polymer from that oil. The raw mate­rial con­sists of post-consumer recy­cled (PCR) mate­rial and is pro­cessed into yarn in Italy.

Working with spe­cia­lists from Japan and Italy, Dyntex has deve­loped ultra­light, high-tech func­tional tex­tiles from the yarn. The newly deve­loped coll­ec­tion includes eight dif­fe­rent fabrics, with the ligh­test weig­hing just 36 grams per square metre. Fea­turing a spe­cial look and feel, they are ideal for adding a fashionable touch to sports­wear and func­tional apparel. These fabrics are available to purchase right now.

Low on resources and high-grade
‘We take mate­rials that have become unusable and bring them back into the cir­cular eco­nomy. They barely need any fossil resources in pro­duc­tion, which means they achieve a mas­sive carbon foot­print reduc­tion,’ explains Alex­ander Gächter, Head of Sales at Dyntex.

The recy­cled fabrics meet the same high stan­dards that fabrics made of newly pro­duced poly­amide do. Like all Dyntex func­tional fabrics, they are water-repellent, breat­hable, fluorocarbon-free and highly long-lasting even under heavy usage. Con­se­quently, the new tex­tiles are ideal for sports- and life­style fashion as well as workwear.

A gro­wing market for sus­tainable fashion
The market for sus­tainable fashion has been gro­wing strongly for years now. Accor­dingly, there is high demand for func­tional fabrics made of recy­cled mate­rial. Dyntex is one of the pio­neers in this field, as this com­pany from the Alps put the world’s first func­tional tex­tiles made of bio­syn­thetic yarn (Dyntex® Bio­lo­gical Origin) and biode­gra­dable fabric (Dyntex® Biode­gra­dable) on the market back in 2020.

Our sus­tainable, func­tional tex­tiles caused a com­mo­tion in the industry two years ago. Our coll­ec­tion that uses recy­cled car tires as a base mate­rial is going to be ano­ther mile­stone,’ says Gächter con­fi­dently, ‘This inno­va­tion shows the edge that we have in deve­lo­ping and pro­du­cing envi­ron­men­tally fri­endly, func­tional textiles.’

Infor­ma­tion: www.dyntex.eu


Fact box:
Dyntex’s recycled functional textiles

- Innovative recycling technology that reuses post-consumer materials

- Ultralight functional fabric starting at 36 gr/m2

- Consumes few resources and is sustainable

- Breathable, water-repellent and very long-lasting

- Applications: sportswear, outdoor clothing, lifestyle fashion and workwear


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