World Envi­ron­ment Day 2018: ALPLA is com­mitted to envi­ron­mental protection

Finan­cial sup­port for ‘Waste Free Oceans’ and ‘The Ocean Cleanup’, as well as global employee campaigns

Hard, 6 June 2018 – To mark World Envi­ron­ment Day on 5 June, the family com­pany ALPLA is sup­por­ting two non-profit orga­ni­sa­tions in the fight against pol­lu­tion of our oceans. The Aus­trian plastic-packaging spe­cia­list is also orga­ni­sing cleanup cam­paigns throughout the world.

In the days around World Envi­ron­ment Day, ALPLA is poin­ting the way for­ward in terms of envi­ron­mental pro­tec­tion. A large number of ALPLA’s 176 sites across four con­ti­nents world­wide ans­wered the company’s call and got involved in cleanup cam­paigns. Employees cleaned up rub­bish around the company’s grounds and sur­roun­ding areas and dis­posed of it appropriately.

Sus­taina­bi­lity is a key part of our company’s phi­lo­sophy. We encou­rage and wel­come the com­mit­ment of our employees world­wide towards a clean envi­ron­ment,’ says ALPLA CEO Gün­ther Lehner. ‘I would like to thank you all for your commitment.’

Initia­tives against marine littering
The Austrian-based com­pany also sup­ports two non-profit orga­ni­sa­tions which fight against the pol­lu­tion of the world’s oceans. ‘The Ocean Cleanup’ strives to collect rub­bish from the oceans using spe­cial cleanup system. ‘Waste Free Oceans’ collects plastic waste from the oceans and coasts and recy­cles this into ‘ocean plastic’. The initia­tive coope­rates with com­pa­nies which use this plastic to make new pro­ducts. Both orga­ni­sa­tions have received con­si­derable amounts of money.

5 June: Envi­ron­ment Day
In 1972, the United Nations declared ‘World Envi­ron­ment Day’ on the ope­ning day of the first Con­fe­rence on the Human Envi­ron­ment in Stock­holm. Around 150 coun­tries have been cele­bra­ting the day with events and cam­paigns ever since. The motto for 2018 is ‘Beat Plastic Pollution’.

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ALPLA is one of the leading companies in plastic packaging. Around 19,300 employees worldwide produce custom-made packaging systems, bottles, closures and moulded parts at 176 sites across 45 countries. The high-quality packaging is used in a wide range of areas, including for food and drinks, cosmetics and care products, household detergents, washing and cleaning agents, engine oils and lubricants. ALPLA also operates recycling plants at three locations (Austria, Poland, Mexico) with an annual capacity of 65,000 tonnes of food-grade rPET. ALPLA celebrated its 60th anniversary in 2015.

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